Just another name in the start-up world? I’ll tell you, why it is not “just another.”
Karkhana, the name comes from the Bengali word of the same name, meaning factory. Just like in a factory, Karkhana is a place, where videos just don’t get made, they are rubbed, polished, cut, until and unless it comes out the way the director visioned it to be.
Karkhana is run by a group of millennials, who are still in their grad school. Juggling work and college, at the same time, because, these kids are not “just” talented but can go miles extra to do it big in life. Heard of the quote, “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard?” And why waste time lazy-ing and fooling around the premises of a college, when we have the privilege of a sound mind and body and of course the means! When each one of us, are knowledgeable, in our own way.
And more than anything, our founder-editor brother has the right “left” artistic brain, who had shared, with us, his dream. He is reserved as a person and a great editor.
Karkhana is a complete post-production unit. Be it dubbing, subtitling, editing, sound mixing, sound recording, VFX, we do them in a flick. But, to perfection!